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Website Designing & Development:
Web Designing:

Our designs are custom designs and not templatish.

— Over 8 Years of Experience in Web Designs.
— Over 1000+ project designed already.
— 100% fully satisfied customers from our webdesigns, they all loved it !! and so did we.
— A process if followed at the backend before a design can be successful and we follow process. Once cannot simply scribble and create designs. We know how to do it to the best.

Design process which we follow:

Design is the first and one of the integral part of a project. Whether it is a Landing page for website or web based application, design has to be professional and attractive and should 100% go with the industry vertical one is designing pages for.

— We therefore firstly gather page and UI details along with details of information elements which will come on each page which needs to be framed. If content is not available we will place dummy contents.

— If logo needs to be designs, we design logo.

— Creation of Homepage mockups for client’s approval.

— Once Homepage is approved we then proceed to design inner page layout template for approvals.


Web Development:

We create quality coding and develop professionally executed websites and solutions.

— We create original code
— User bootstrap / foundation or other JS libraries for responsive HTML/css
— Experienced resources in Web Development which shows in our work
— Over 1000+ project developed already
— 100% satisfaction guaranteed
— Commented coding fully optimized for speed and industry standards
Development process which we follow:

Once website is moved from its design phase then UX comes into picture and therefore design conversions to HTML/css or theming them on an open source should be careful done and has to be perfectly implemented. We do take care and realize the importance of UX.

— After designs are finalized, we create responsive HTML/css conversions using JS libraries and if required even create custom JS depending on the requirements.

— After pages are converted, programming (server side coding) comes to picture.

— Custom website is develop or themed on open source CMS as required. Website is developed on our production server

— Once website is approved on our production server we then move website like after testing on clients live host.

Technologies on which we work on are:

HTML/css conversions, PHP/MySql, PHP frameworks like CodeIgnitor, Yii, Smarty, Laravel, Cake PHP.

We work on open source CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

We work on e-commerce solutions like Magento, Shopify, Interspire, wooCommecre, Open Cart.

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